Trash Pickup

If you're new to the City, you might be wondering how do you get residential solid waste service?

When you sign up at Reidsville City Hall, 230 W. Morehead Street, for water and sewer service, your garbage collection will be activated at the same time. You will be put on the weekly rotation schedule depending on where your residence is located. You can call 336-349-1070 to find out which day of the week service is provided to your area.

If you do not have a City-issued 95-gallon garbage cart, you can contact Public Works at 336-349-1070.

Preparation of refuse for collection:
1) Brush, leaves, and grass cuttings shall be picked up at the curbside.
2) Limbs, up to six (6) inches in diameter, shall be cut no more than six-foot lengths, and
placed at the curb.
3) Limbs and bundles shall not weigh more than fifty (50) pounds.
4) Loose grass and leaves shall be put into a closed container.
5) Leaves may be placed loose at the curb at times specified by the superintendent of streets and lines.
Excerpt from Sec. 10-124. - Preparation of refuse for collection generally. Reidsville Code of Ordinances

Regarding large trash pickup:
1) All bulky trash is subject to the approval of the superintendent of the solid waste
management division before it is picked up.
2) Large trash pickup to residential properties shall be limited to five (5) cubic yards per
week. Additional loads within this period shall be subject to a fee of forty dollars
($40.00) per hour or any portion thereof.
Sec. 10-127. - Large trash pickup. Reidsville Code of Ordinances

Curbside Recycling
As of June 2019, voluntary curbside recycling is no longer offered in the City of Reidsville by Waste Management. However, the City of Reidsville has negotiated with Foothill Waste Solutions to provide curbside recycling to Reidsville City residents once the 400-subscriber mark is reached. Learn more about it in the attached press release. Interested City residents can call Foothill directly at 336-871-4055. You can express your interest in the program by leaving your name, address and telephone number. Once the 400-subscriber goal is reached, Foothill will contact you about signing up. Items Foothill Accepts for Recycling

UPDATE: You did it! Enough residents and businesses signed up for voluntary recycling with Foothill to begin the service. The first pickup will be Wednesday, January 15, 2020. All questions about voluntary curbside recycyling should be directed to Foothill at 336-871-4055.

Holiday Schedule
Each year, the City of Reidsville Public Works Department publishes an annual schedule for garbage pickup around the holidays. The City recognizes nine holidays, and the garbage routes and Material Drop-Off Center hours adjust accordingly.  Please review the attached schedule and place your garbage out on the curb accordingly. If you have any questions, you can contact Gary French, Solid Waste Superintendent, at 336-349-1074 or email him at

2020 Schedule