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Reidsville's 2017 Main Street Champion: Jennifer Nixon, Reidsville Area Foundation

nixon-jennifer_750xx315-420-0-0Jennifer Nixon became the Executive Director of the Reidsville Area Foundation in 2014. The Foundation funds initiatives around health and wellness, education, and community development, and has contributed significantly to downtown Reidsville. It recently rehabilitated a blighted building to house its offices, creating a “Class A” space where nonprofits can host retreats and workshops, and use office space. The Rockingham County Arts Council recently moved to a suite in the building. Jennifer leads many efforts through funding opportunities. She recently let the charge to help fund a wayfinding sign program in downtown Reidsville that includes an innovative QR code project, with videos produced by Reidsville High School students. Visitors can scan the QR codes and watch videos about the history of the buildings featured on the signs. When a 101-year-old Confederate monument needed to be replaced, the Reidsville Area Foundation funded half of the cost of a public art piece installed in its place, fostering a sense of community pride and unity. In recognition of Jennifer Nixon’s support and leadership, we are honored to designate her as North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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