Reidsville Downtown Corporation

Office - 230 W. Morehead Street, Downtown Reidsville, NC 27320
Office: (336)347-2307      Fax: (336)347-2355

The Reidsville Downtown Corporation meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in
the first-floor conference room of City Hall, 230 W. Morehead Street, unless otherwise announced.


  David Apple
 Ephraim Gorham
Vice President
 Jay Donecker
 Cindy Farrand  Halley Foye   Jeff Garstka
 Jenna Hanks  Melanie Morrison Jeff Permar   Arnold Robertson 
Eric Smith  Sebastian Steele  Joe Tarpley  Louise Uziel


Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members

Preston Mitchell, Reidsville City Manager
Diane Sawyer, Reidsville Chamber of Commerce

R Intersection

VISION STATEMENT: To lead efforts to strengthen the role and reputation of downtown Reidsville as not only a thriving business district but also a place to experience with family and where good friends meet.  With an eye toward preserving and celebrating our rich history and bright future, Downtown Reidsville is a unique city to which everyone feels welcomed by those who call it home and to which visitors will want to return again and again.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Reidsville Downtown Corporation is to create excitement, passion, pride and a love for Reidsville, while creatively managing and enhancing the development of Reidsville’s Downtown business district; to inspire community ownership in Reidsville's unique assets; and to promote enthusiasm and unity among our merchants, visitors, local government and citizens. 

North Carolina Downtown Development Association Consultant Resources
As part of the City of Reidsville Main Street Program’s commitment to design management and historic preservation, the following link to the NCDDA recommended list of consultants has been provided in regard to historic preservation.  The NCDDA is the collaborative leader working at the creative intersection of the public and private sectors to enhance downtowns as cultural and economic centers throughout the state.  They complied this list of consultant resources to further with your particular project.

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