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New Procedures for Street Closings Started July 1, 2024

Anyone wishing to close a City of Reidsville street, parking lot, parking space or sidewalk will need to fill out a new application as of July 1, 2024.

            City staff had been working on updating the current application process and Code of Ordinances after receiving more and more requests to close such areas. Each time a City  street or parking area is closed, it takes a lot of staff time and use of City-owned equipment to implement these closures, City Manager Summer Woodard explained.

            In order to offset some of the costs experienced by the City, new fees came into effect beginning July 1. First, a Special Event Application fee of $25 will be charged to any person or organization wishing to close a City street, parking lot, parking space or sidewalk for their event. An additional $25 will be charged for closure of a parking lot, parking space or sidewalk; $50 for a single street closure (one block or less); and $100 for multiple streets and/or intersection closures. These additional fees are based on the amount of time and resources, including use of City equipment, needed to block off these areas for closure.

            Also, a $10 charge will be conveyed for each City trash receptacle needed. Those events that will need public safety officers will be charged $35/Hour/Officer. Special Event liability insurance will also be required.

            Other changes include an earlier deadline to get applications into the City for consideration. Applicants must get their fully completed form into the City at least 45 days prior to their special event for consideration by the City’s Technical Review Committee (TRC) and final approval. The TRC, in consultation with the Reidsville Police Department, will determine how many safety officers must be secured based on the nature of the event. The $35 per hour pay rate per officer is based on the rate to secure an off-duty officer.

            Those interested in these new procedures can go to the Administration page of this website to review the changes and new application.


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