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Explore Reidsville for yourself and find out why so many have made the decision to call it home.

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Find out why we are a top destination for active retirees

Learn about our Reside in Reidsville program for new residents

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Take our virtual tour at the top sites around Reidsville

Reside in Reidsville

Reside in Reidsville

Are you new to the City of Reidsville? Still trying to find out what kinds of services the Reidsville community provides? Then you need to check out the “Reside in Reidsville” program.


The City of Reidsville offers 4 sessions a year, one each quarter, to welcome new residents to Reidsville. These sessions are  designed to help new residents connect to the local community, meet others who live and work here and show you ways you can make a difference in Reidsville. “Reside in Reidsville” targets those new residents who have only been living here for about a year or less. 


The program seeks to enlighten those attending about what the City has to offer and help new residents become “Community Champions” on “Team Reidsville”! Information stations outlining both City and community services provide new residents with an opportunity to talk to staff and community liaisons about different programs and services.


Some of the participants at the event include, but are not limited to:

  • Reidsville Parks & Recreation Department will be talking about athletic programs for the young to services for our seniors available at RCARE (Reidsville Center for Active Retirement Enterprises)

  • City staff to discuss everything from police and fire services to trash pickup and community events at downtown’s Market Square

  • Representatives from Cone Health/Annie Penn Hospital

  • The Reidsville YMCA

  • Rockingham Community College and the Rockingham County Schools system, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) program

  • The Reidsville Chamber of Commerce, which operates the City’s Visitor Center, shares information about its member businesses that provide services to the local community


Each session is held at a different location, but there is always fun, food and festivities planned for the session. Previous events have been held at Lake Reidsville, Market Square and the Penn House.


In order to participate, you have to sign up! If you are a new resident interested in learning more about Reidsville, sign up by calling (336) 349-1099 or emailing

Virtual City Tour

Virtual City Tour

A great way to get to know Reidsville and all the amazing things it has to offer is to take our Virtual City Tour. In these videos, we take you through a brief tour of life in Reidsville. Click on the image below to launch videos. Enjoy!

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