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Place Your Bet on Reidsville!

The City of Reidsville and the Reidsville Chamber of Commerce are partnering to offer a series designed for new business. If you are looking to open a business, expand your portfolio, develop land you own, secure a business for your building or you are an investor looking to invest, this is for you!

Location, Location, Location! The City of Reidsville is poised for substantial growth in the next couple of years. With the Interstate designation of Highway 29 to 785, the new 840 Connector this side of Greensboro, as well as being only 5 miles from City limit to City limit and the new Caesar’s Casino going in less than 30 minutes from Reidsville, the growth is coming! Let’s all be ready!

The Place Your Bet on Reidsville Series is designed to first acquaint attendees with Reidsville and to hear from local business owners who have invested here. They will share what has worked for them, why they chose Reidsville and what we lack in the area to assist with businesses. This event will be held Thursday, May 18, at 8:30 a.m. at The Penn House, 324 Maple Ave. Breakfast will be served, followed by a panel discussion and questions. The second event will be June 15 at the Pennrose Country Club for a luncheon. This meeting will concern hard data about Reidsville. What do we need? Where are people going to shop and what are they shopping for that we do not have, and the basics of what types of businesses are needed here. The final meeting Sept 21 will be a dinner where we will be matching people with projects. So you have someone that has a business idea, but they need a building or you have someone that has land and someone that ‘s looking for land. It will be like a speed dating event. The idea is to spur development and growth while the pricing is at a point that’s affordable. You do not have to attend all three, but you do need to register for any events you would like to attend.

The following link is the registration for the first event. Please register in advance at If you have any questions, please reach out to Judy Yarbrough, City Marketer, at

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