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City Holds Public Hearing on Redistricting Option May 9th

The City of Reidsville is currently undergoing redistricting to ensure its two electoral districts meet the constitutional principle of one-person, one vote. What does that mean for our residents?

The City has employed the firm of Tharrington Smith to review our District A and District B districts to make sure they are within the +/- 5% of the ideal district population using the 2020 Census data. The firm found that there is a deviation of 6.55%, with District B at 7,769 population compared to District A at 6,814. This population deviation means that redistricting is required.

After the initial presentation to Council at its March 14, 2023 meeting, Adam Mitchell of Tharrington Smith, along with demographer Bill Gilkeson, presented three possible options to the Reidsville City Council at an April 11th special meeting. Council selected Option #1 as its preferred plan, which moves fewer people from District B to District A than the other options and satisfies the redistricting requirements.

A public hearing is set for the City Council’s May 9th meeting, which begins at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers of Reidsville City Hall, 230 West Morehead Street. Prior to the meeting, maps of the current electoral districts and the proposed changes are available for viewing by the public at City Hall. Residents can view the maps in the following locations: the Finance Department lobby (enter City Hall from the front at the door closest to Main Street) and the porch at the back of the building (access from the back parking lot of City Hall). Online an interactive map can be accessed through this link. The map allows the user to view the current and proposed plan on a detailed map, search for a particular address, and zoom in to show street names.

Also, citizens can view Tharrington Smith’s initial PowerPoint presentation through this

Reidsville-Redistricting 2020- initial presentation to Town Council (R2699448x7AD04)
Download PPTX • 301KB


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