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Paving Phase of Streetscape Project to begin on April 16

The next step in the City’s Downtown Streetscape project is slated to begin with the milling operation of South Scales Street on Sunday, April 16, 202, immediately followed by the paving of Scales from Morehead to Settle Streets, weather permitting.

Scales Street will be closed at its intersection with Sprinkle Street down to Settle Street beginning at 6 a.m. Sunday and will not re-open until 2 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18, after the paving of the 100 and 200 blocks of South Scales is completed. Settle Street will remain open while the paving is being performed.

Once South Scales is re-opened to traffic, the paving contractor will move to the side streets, including Gilmer and Morehead, Wednesday through Friday, April 19-21. Each of these streets will be closed while work is ongoing. Re-striping of the streets and parking spaces should be completed within the following two weeks once paving is finished.

Patrons to the downtown stores on Scales Street will be able to park in downtown parking lots, including those off Morehead, Gilmer and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive while this work is being completed.

Appropriate signage will indicate the road closures during these final stages of the Streetscape project. City staff will be going door to door to the affected downtown businesses to alert them to these planned closures.

Once the paving and restriping is done, the next step in the project will be installing the Crepe Myrtles in the tree wells along the street. This will conclude an approximate ten-month-long project which was necessary due to the sinking issue occurring at Mural Park and the uneven pavement along South Scales that was creating a tripping hazard for patrons. The Crepe Myrtles will replace the former trees whose root systems had been damaging the City sidewalks.

“We know that the Streetscape project, while necessary, has been inconvenient for our downtown business owners and their patrons,” said City Manager Summer Woodard. “But we believe the end result will not only mean a more beautiful downtown Reidsville but a safer downtown. We do appreciate the patience of all of our residents while this work has been going on.”

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