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Reidsville Showcase At Rockingham Theatre

Judy Yarbrough

City of Reidsville

(336) 349-1099

230 W. Morehead St. Reidsville, NC 27320

The City of Reidsville is thrilled to announce that Brown Entertainment, LLC is purchasing the Rockingham Theatre in Downtown Reidsville. This project has been in the works for almost a year and, once completed, will be one of the biggest tourism attractions in Reidsville as well as Rockingham County.

Reidsville Showcase will be offering national recording artists live in concert. The Browns currently own and operate Liberty Showcase in Liberty, NC, and Reidsville Showcase will serve as a second location. According to owners Dewey and Leslie Brown, “Concerts held in this type of venue offer a different experience than a larger venue. Fans can enjoy their favorite recording artists in an intimate and personal performance space. Audience size is limited and there’s not a bad seat in the house.”

The project will not only encompass the Theatre, but the Mural Park Building located adjacent to the property. Plans are to expand the theatre to include a larger ticket area, refreshment area and dressing rooms for the artists. There will be a second floor added on the mural side with space for possible dining and offices, among other things. There is also space for a third floor. Artists that are currently performing in Liberty are of the Country and Bluegrass genre. The Browns will continue that as well as expand to encompass other forms of entertainment.

According to Reidsville Mayor, Dr. Jay Donecker, “I am excited the Browns will be rejuvenating one of Reidsville’s crown jewels. This is a dream coming true in which we return to having our Rockingham Theater being the center of our downtown Contact: Judy Yarbrough City of Reidsville Phone: (336) 349-1099 230 W. Morehead St. Reidsville, NC 27320 entertainment district as it was 90 years ago. The City Council has been diligent in ensuring that the Theatre and Mural Building be something that would benefit our downtown and our citizens as well as the entire county, and we think this project will be exactly what we worked hard to make happen.”

According to Leslie Brown, “We are beyond blessed to have this opportunity to place a second Showcase in Reidsville, NC. We could not be more encouraged by the city and our patrons. We appreciate that more than words can express. We are looking forward to the grand opening of The Reidsville Showcase Theatre!”

Tim Robertson’s family has owned the theatre since 1993 and after his father passed, the family wanted to ensure his legacy would carry on. According to Tim, “Our family also wanted to ensure whoever purchased the Theatre would continue to bring our father’s vison to life and keep his legacy going. We could not be happier.”

Robin Yount, Rockingham County Tourism Manager stated, “The announcement of Reidsville Showcase is very exciting not only to Reidsville but also for the entire County. This will be a major contribution to the Tourism industry in Rockingham County, and is important for the benefits it brings to our community. It not only contributes towards more economic activities but also generates more employment, revenues and plays a significant role in development within our County. The Rockingham County Tourism Development Authority is excited to work along with Reidsville to promote this exciting venue.”

Judy Yarbrough, Reidsville City Marketer , “This type of project, along with the many other developing projects happening in Reidsville, is more than exciting. It takes time and a lot of planning to make these projects become a reality.

Reidsville Showcase is going to put feet on the streets and heads in our beds, which means more revenues for our businesses and our City. It also brings a very unique piece to our quality of life story. It’s a ‘win win’ for everyone and will be one of the biggest indoor tourist attractions in the City and the County”! Reidsville Showcase is scheduled to open in 2021. For more information, please contact City Marketer, Judy Yarbrough, at 336-349-1099, or Brown Entertainment at 336-622-3844.

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