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Settle Streetscape To Begin

Beginning on November 27, 2023, Reidsville Public Works will begin improvements to the 200 block of Settle Street. This project will entail removing the metal awnings, installing new curb and gutter, new sidewalks, bump-outs with Crepe Myrtles, new pavement, brick pavers, lighting, Wi-Fi and cameras.

“These improvements will give a more cohesive look in the downtown area as the 200 block of Settle Street will mirror the changes already made in the 100 block,” said Public Works Director Josh Beck. “Also, our Settle Street merchants had expressed an interest in these improvements being made as well.”

To start the project, a surveyor plans to be onsite Tuesday, November 21, weather permitting, to stake out the curb lines. To facilitate this work, all parking spaces along Settle Street will be blocked off until this work is complete.

On November 27, crews will begin on the south side at Scales Street and work towards Main Street. It is estimated that this side will take three weeks to complete, again, depending on the weather.

Public Works crews anticipate beginning the north side of Settle Street on December 18th at Scales Street, working towards Main Street. It is estimated this half of the project will take approximately five weeks, Beck said.

The work will be done in stages in an attempt to minimize disruption to businesses as much as possible. When possible, doorways will be the dividing point in construction so one side can be kept open at all times. The doorways for some businesses may be too narrow for this to work. In those cases, Beck said his crews will coordinate their work to keep closings as short as possible and work with owners to choose the best days for closings. On-street parking will be restricted during construction, but once the work is complete, there will be more parking spaces than currently available, he added.

Repaving and striping of Settle Street will be completed in the spring when temperatures allow. Additional information will be provided once this work is scheduled.

For questions or concerns, please contact Reidsville Public Works Department at 336-349-1070.

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