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Parks & Recreation

Main Offices and Recreation Center

201 N. Washington Avenue

(336) 349-1090


Parks & Recreation Superintendent - Quintin Robertson (336) 349-1090

Senior Center Coordinator - Cindy Baynes (336) 349-1045

Athletics & Teen Center Coordinator -  (336) 349-1092

Fitness Center (336) 349-1090

Teen Center (336) 634-0574

Lake Reidsville (336) 349-4738

Lowe's Field (336) 349-1095

Weather Line (336) 349-1020

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for development and oversight of all the City's recreational activities. Visit our page for details or download our brochure below for an overview of programs and associated costs.

About Us

For the latest News and Updates, visit our Facebook page.

The Reidsville Parks & Recreation Department, headed by the Assistant City Manager of Community Services, offers a wide array of athletics and programs for the citizens of Reidsville, as well as visitors to the City and its recreational facilities. The day to day operations of this department is handled by the Parks and Recreation Superintendent Quintin Robertson


The Recreation Department includes a gymnasium, which is open for use from 3-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturdays and 5-7 p.m. Sundays. The gym is closed on Fridays. During basketball season, the hours are from 3-5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The building houses on its lower level the City-owned Fitness Center (6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.), the Administrative Offices (8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for registration hours), and the Senior Center. For Senior Center program information, call (336) 349-1045.

Athletic Offerings

The Parks & Recreation Department is busy throughout the year with football, baseball, softball and basketball. Most of the sports programs can be accessed online and games are played at area athletic fields. Cheerleading is also available. Lake Reidsville hosts soccer games for the Reidsville YMCA and the City partners with the Y to provide swimming opportunities at the Reidsville Community Pool, 504 S. Main Street.

Recreational Facilities

The City of Reidsville is also very proud of its facilities. A network of neighborhood parks can be found throughout the City featuring playground equipment. Several of the parks also include ball fields, horseshoe pits, basketball, volleyball or tennis courts. Lake Reidsville and Lake Hunt offering fishing and boating to visitors, along with other amenities. Reidsville has a strong senior citizens' program, evidenced by its Senior Citizen Center. The Center provides seniors with a meeting place as well as a site for informational seminars. The Council on Aging has a Nutrition Site at the Center as well. A variety of classes and trips are also made available to those participating at the Center. The Fitness Center, located on the lower level of 201 N. Washington Ave., includes weights, virtual bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and more. Hours are 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Lake Reidsville also offers a nearly mile-long hiking and biking trail. This trail, located across the street from the main park entrance, gives bike enthusiasts a good workout, and hikers a change of venue from other City greenways. (Map of the Hiking/Biking Trail). This trail is also phase one of the Lake Reidsville trails system with more to come.  Update-Phase two has now been completed inside the park that includes a .6 mile trail loop.  Phase three has been started and is a trail that will loop around Lake Reidsville.  

Reidsville Center for Active Retirement Enterprises (RCARE)

RCARE is a Center of Excellence, one of the few in the state with that designation. The center hosts many activities, including trips, bowling, bocce ball, pickleball, shuffleboard, dancing, card games and so much more. Attend an aerobics class or learn how to paint, the opportunities are endless.

For more information about the services offered at RCARE as well as monthly classes and activities - visit our page or follow us on Facebook.

Teen Center

In 2004, the City of Reidsville opened a Teen Center for local youth ages 10-16. Homework assistance, special programs and recreational opportunities are available at the Center located on Sprinkle Street. Membership is free, but enrollment is required.

Other Recreational Opportunities

In addition to the recreational opportunities available within Reidsville, Rockingham County offers camping river access areas and area golf courses. Check out for more information.

Neighborhood Parks


Neighborhood Parks and Recreation Facilities at Local Schools

Nine parks are located throughout the City of Reidsville for the enjoyment of our citizens. To reserve any of the picnic shelters or ball fields, call the Parks & Recreation Department at (336) 349-1090.

In addition, you are able to utilize the playground and walking/jogging tracks at the local elementary, middle and high schools.  The facilities are listed in the section after the neighborhood parks.

Picnic shelters are available for rent at the following parks: Courtland, Cambridge, Jaycee, H.K. Griggs and Lake Reidsville.  Call 336-349-1090 for shelter rentals for all but at Lake Reidsville.  For Lake Reidsville call (336) 349-4738.

All newly added swing sets include two belt swings and a family swing.  The family swing is designed for an adult to be able to swing with a toddler 2-24 months

Barnes Street Park

1102 Barnes Street

Features a main play unit.  Newly added two section swing set.

Barnes Street Park Image 2.jpeg
Barnes Street Park Image 1.jpeg

Cambridge Park

1401 Windsor Court

Features a main play unit, two full basketball courts, two shelters with grills and a small walking trail around the park area. Newly added two section swing set.

Cambridge Park Image 1.jpeg
Cambridge Park Image 2.jpeg

Courtland Park

1200 Courtland Avenue

Features two main play units, one just added, a two-section swing set with an inclusive swing, an one-section swing set, horseshoe pits and two picnic shelters with grills. Across the street is a Bird Sanctuary, located at 1101 Courtland Avenue, which provides a peaceful, shady spot for lunch.

Courtland Park Image 5.jpeg
Courtland Park Image 4.jpeg
Courtland Park Image 3.jpeg

Glendale Park

328 Roanoke Street

Features a main play unit, four swings and a half court for basketball.  The basketball court has just recently been resurfaced.

Glendale Park Image 1.jpeg
Glendale Park Image 2.jpeg
Glendale Park Image 3.jpeg

H.K. Griggs Park

400 Marcellus Place

Features a main play unit, one basketball court (or 4 half courts), one two section swing set and two picnic shelters (the Clay Slade Shelter and the Hoy Isaac Shelter) with grills.  The main play unit has just recently been replaced, along with a basketball court repair/resurfacing.  

HK Griggs Park Image 1.jpeg
HK Griggs Park Image 3.jpeg
HK Griggs Park Image 2.jpeg

Jaycee Park

2010 South Scales Street

Features a main play unit, three basketball courts, two picnic shelters and volleyball area (with net) and an access point for a greenway trail.  NEW Dog Park just completed.

Jaycee Park Image 3.jpeg
Jaycee Park Image 1.jpeg
Jaycee Park Image 6.jpeg
Jaycee Park Image 4.jpeg
Jaycee Park Image 2.jpeg

Jaycee Ball Park

125 Jaycee Park Road

Features three lighted ball fields (Jaycee #1, Jaycee #2 and Brookside), eight lighted tennis courts and access point for greenway trail.  The left side set of four tennis court has just been repaired/resurfaced.

Two Outdoor Pickleball Courts-No reservations required.

Jaycee Ball Park.png
Jaycee Park Pickleball Courts.jpeg
Jaycee Park Image 8.jpeg

Oaks Park

640 Northwest Market Street

Features a main play unit and an unlighted (no fence) practice ball field most suitable for t-ball or coach pitch. Newly added two section swing set.

Oaks Park Image 1.jpeg
Oaks Park.jpg

Woodland Park

2212 Woodland Drive

Includes a main play unit and a small picnic table in a shaded area. Newly added two section swingset and an ADA accessible concrete walkway.

Woodland Park Image 1.jpeg
Woodland Park Playground.jpg
Woodland Park Image 2.jpeg

Rockingham County School Facility Recreational Use 

"Playground equipment and walking/jogging tracks are open to the public for responsible use after school hours until dusk, during the weekdays and on weekends and holidays from dawn to dusk"

The following schools/facilities are within a reasonable walking, bicycling or driving distance from downtown Reidsville.

Monroeton Elementary School

8081 US Hwy 158

Features a four section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground and two fitness play station areas.

MossStreet Image 1.jpeg
Monroeton Image 1.jpeg
Monroeton Image 2.jpeg

Moss Street Elementary School

419 Moss Street

Features a three section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground and two fitness play station areas.

MossStreet Image 1.jpeg
MossStreet Image 3.jpeg
MossStreet Image 2.jpeg

South End Elementary School

1307 South Park Drive

Features a two section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground, a small playground and one fitness play station area.

South End Image 3.jpeg
South End Image 2.jpeg
South End Image 1.jpeg

Williamsburg Elementary School

2830 NC 87

Features a three section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground, a fitness play station area and a separate slide.

Williamsburg Image 3.jpeg
Williamsburg Image 1.jpeg
Williamsburg Image 2.jpeg

Rockingham County & Reidsville HS/Middle School

Reidsville High School - 1901 S Park Drive       
Reidsville Middle School - 1903 S. Park Drive 
Rockingham County High School - 180 High School Rd  
Rockingham County Middle School - 182 High School Road

You may utilize their walking/jogging tracks.

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